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Mother Nature’s Human Diet

Every species has a natural diet and the degree to which it stays on this diet determines health and longevity.

As such, there is an ideal diet for humans, but modern conveniences and food marketing campaigns have convinced us to eat in opposition to this natural way.

WILDFIT is the result of years of research on nutritional
anthropology, evolutionary biology and the original hunter-gatherer society of the Hadza bushmen of Tanzania.

When saying diet we mean a way of life and not a temporary change of eating habits.
If you eat everything offered by modern society in moderation as commonly propagated, you will achieve health and longevity in moderation.

Food Psychology

WILDFIT shows you how to master your thoughts about food so that you are in control of every single food choice you make.

Your mind is the most important component of WILDFIT. In addition to key nutritional information, WILDFIT teaches you how to eliminate the need for willpower.

WILDFIT emphasizes modern mindset and behavioral change techniques that will ultimately eliminate your cravings altogether. Feeling out of control around certain food items is not a natural human experience, contrary to what we’re so often led to believe.

You will learn to work with the 6 Human Hungers so you can interpret cravings correctly.

No Hunger & No Exercise Requirement

WILDFIT is carefully designed so that you will NOT be hungry at any time and you won’t need to exersise.

We believe that it is more important to fill your body with enough of the good stuff instead focussing on elimination of the less supportive stuff.

While the program does not specifically require any exercising, physical activity should be a always be part of your life.
However, most people think that exercise is the best key to changing their body, but it actually isn’t. It’s almost always about the food you’re eating.
That’s why WILDFIT focuses exclusively on nutritional choices and food mindset. This program is about nutritional balance and getting your diet, energy levels and sleep on track.

Body’s Natural Seasons

Your body has natural seasons for burning fat (weight release), for restoring and building, for revitalizing and maintenance, and for rest and detox. 

There are four different seasons that all provide an important function for humans, but unfortunatelly, most people spend their whole lives in only one of the seasons, which is not the fat-burning one.

Your body knows when to shift from one season to the next through food. You don’t need any pills, supplements or powders.

With WILDFIT, you’ll learn exactly what each season looks like, and which foods will trigger your shift from one season to the next, depending on your individual health and body goals.

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