Mother Nature’s Human Diet

Every species has a natural diet and the degree to which it stays on this diet determines health and longevity.

As such, there is an ideal diet for humans, but modern conveniences and food marketing campaigns have convinced us to eat in opposition to this natural way.

WILDFIT is the result of years of research on nutritional
anthropology, evolutionary biology and the original hunter-gatherer society of the Hadza bushmen of Tanzania.

When saying diet we mean a way of life and not a temporary change of eating habits.
If you eat everything offered by modern society in moderation as commonly propagated, you will achieve health and longevity in moderation.

WILDFIT is about returning to eating the way Mother Nature intended and having the knowledge to give your body the core nutritional elements that it wants without relying on willpower or the strict rules of a traditional diet. If you want to have extraordinary health you need to have the diet and way of life to match.

When saying diet we mean a way of life
— Kelsowell

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