Terms and Conditions


1. Terms and Conditions

Please review these Terms and Conditions carefully because they govern our relationship and by engaging in any WildFit programs you are agreeing to adhere to them.

 2. Information about us.

“The WildFit Team” for the purpose of this agreement includes Eric Edmeades, any of Eric’s employees or contractors, Catalystix Ltd and any of the approved WildFit Coaches or Trainers.

3.Information about our Products, Services and Programs.

For the purposes of this agreement, “WildFit Programs” will include each of the following:

3.1. Programs: We offer a variety of seminars and online coaching programs that teach and guide people through the WildFit principles. 

3.2. Services: We offer personal and group coaching services that teach and guide people through the WildFit principles. 

3.3. Products: We offer digital education and coaching products related to the WildFit material. 

3.4. The WildFit Challenge is a 90-day coaching program that all new WildFIt clients must complete before under taking any further coaching or training programs. 

4. Medical Disclaimer and Supervision

4.1. WildFIt Programs are not meant as a replacement for medical advice. We strongly recommend seeking medical advice before and during any major lifestyle changes such as those recommended in the WildFit Programs. 

4.2. Neither Eric Edmeades nor any of his WildFit Certified Coaches or Trainers are claiming to be medically trained and any advice received from either Eric Edmeades or any WildFIt Certified Coach should be evaluated accordingly. 

4.3. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or currently dealing with severe medical conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, serious obesity or any other conditions requiring regular medication or medical supervision, you must (a) inform your WildFit Coach in writing before commencing any WildFIt Program and (b) SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE BOTH BEFORE COMMENCING AND DURING ANY WILDFIT PROGRAM INCLUDING THE WILDFIT CHALLENGE.

 5. Payment Terms

The payment terms are listed on your invoice. 

6. Cancellations and Refunds.

Except as allowed in your local jurisdiction, you may cancel any purchase of WildFit Programs as long as that you provide written notice of your intention to cancel within 7 days of your original purchase. After this initial 7-day period, WildFit Programs are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

6.1. Rescheduling is possible for most WildFit Programs as long as you provide at least 30-days written notice before the effective start date of your WildFit Program. 

6.2. Failure to Complete a WildFit Program forfeits any rights you have to reschedule your WildFit Program and also voids our Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

 7. Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

The WildFit Challenge supported by a coach (and not other WildFit Programs) is covered by the promise that, should you complete the entire program, you will be more than satisfied with the results you achieve and if you are not, that you will receive a 100% refund. For the purposes of this guarantee, ‘completing the entire program’ means:

(a) Watching at least 80% of the WildFit videos in their entirety.

(b) Completing the measurements detailed at the beginning, mid-point and at the end of the program.

(c) Completing at least two ‘daily check-ins’ per week.

(d) Posting (any content) in the WildFit Challenge Facebook group or WildFit Forums at least 10 times during the 90-day program.

(e) Providing notice of your lack of satisfaction or progress with the program by sending an email to info@kelsowildfit.com at least 15 days prior to the end of the program.

(f) Uploading your beginning and ending photographs in your membership account at GetWildFit.com.

(g) If you are receiving LIVE coaching during your WildFit Coaching, you must attend at least 13 of the live coaching sessions.

8. Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets.

While much of the nutritional and fitness advice contained in the WildFit Programs are commonly known principles, the method of delivery and the specific structure of the WildFit Challenge are hard won, extensively researched and valued assets of Eric Edmeades and, by undertaking any of the WildFit Programs you SPECIFICALLY AGREE NOT TO USE OR DISCLOSE ANY OF THE WILDFIT-SPECIFIC CONTENT, STRUCTURE OR STRATEGIES WITHOUT FIRST ATTAINING SPECIFIC WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM ERIC EDMEADES. 

9. Customer Service, Disputes and Feedback.

You hereby agree that you will, before lodging any complaints or posting any negative feedback online, notify us of any lack of satisfaction that you have with any of our team or programs. You specifically agree that if you violate this specific TERM that you will, upon receiving written notice from any member of the WildFit team, retract any complaints or internet postings until you have given us the opportunity (at least 30 days) to rectify any outstanding issues you may have.

10. Governing Law.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Germany. This applies to consumers only in so far as no statutory provisions of the state in which the customer is domiciled or habitually reside are restricted. Jurisdiction is in the case of disputes with customers who are not a consumer, a legal person of public law or a public special fund, the location of the provider. 

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